The Ward of Cheap Club Shield
The Ward of Cheap Club Shield


This website is intended to be a source of information for existing members, prospective members and the wider City community, which we hope you will find of interest.

A warm welcome to the Ward of Cheap Club – one of the twenty-two Ward Clubs directly associated with the twenty-five Wards in the City of London.

Ward of Cheap Club exists to provide support to the Lord Mayor, Alderman and Common Councilmen of the Ward of Cheap in carrying out their duties on behalf of the Ward, and the City of London. The Ward Club encourages activities aimed at enhancing the welfare of the Ward, and to arrange social functions – such as luncheons – for the benefit of its members.

Ward of Cheap Club provides information about the history and governance of the City of London, and the opportunity to meet people who influence the way the City operates.


The Ward of Cheap is one of the twenty-five Wards that make up the City of London.

The City’s Wards were established in medieval times for the purpose of government and today they participate in the governance of the City through the election of the City’s Aldermen and Common Councilmen.

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Joining the Ward of Cheap Club

The Club welcomes enquiries from those interested in becoming members, whether living within the Ward, working within the Ward, or having a genuine interest in the history and traditions of the City and who wish to support the aims and traditions of the Club.


Each year The President plans a full calendar of events which include both regular and ad hoc,  formal and informal.

Please visit the events page for full details.

Ward of chep events

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View images of some of the iconic buildings found within the Ward of Cheap, some City events that have taken place in the Ward, and of some of the past Club events.

Iconic buildings found in the Ward of Cheap