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This website is intended to be a source of information for existing members, prospective members, and the wider City community, and which we hope you will find to be of interest.

Also, a warm welcome to the Ward of Cheap Club, one of the twenty-two Clubs which are directly associated with the twenty-five Wards of the City of London.

The Club, with just under 150 members, exists to provide support to the Lord Mayor, and the Alderman and Common Councilmen of the Ward of Cheap in carrying out their duties on behalf of the Ward itself and of the City of London, to support and encourage activities aimed at enhancing the welfare of the Ward, and to arrange social functions, such as luncheons, for the benefit of its members.

Indeed, the Club provides an excellent and affordable means to learn about the history and governance of the City, and allows the opportunity to meet some of the people who have influence over the way the City operates.


The Cheap Business Forum is an initiative enabling firms and people working in the Ward to network, engage with their elected representatives and understand more about how the City of London Corporation is dedicated to providing a world class built environment and the infrastructure and services necessary for their businesses succeed.

The Forum holds two to three breakfast events a year with internationally recognised speakers. For more information, please contact Ben Salmon


The Club welcomes enquiries from those interested in becoming members, whether living within the Ward, working within the Ward, or having a genuine interest in the history and traditions of the City and who wish to support the aims and traditions of the Club.


Friday 6 December 2019

Carol Service at St Lawrence and Christmas Supper

Friday 17 January 2020

Business Breakfast

Monday 20 January

AGM and Installation Dinner at Guildhall

Thursday 30 January

Concert at 22 Mansfield Street

Wednesday 11 March

Afternoon Tour/Tea/Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral and supper at Pizza Express

Thursday 19 March

Ward Mote - postponed

Wednesday 24 June

Business Tea-Time event on Zoom at 4pm - Chris Hayward Will the City ever be the same again after Covid-19?

Wednesday 1 July

Beating The Bounds (on Zoom)

Wednesday 22 July

Business Tea-Time event on Zoom at 4pm - Alderman Alison Gowman How to spend £20 million effectively. About the City Bridge Trust.

Wednesday 23 September

Business Tea-Time event on Zoom at 4pm - Adele Paterson The challenge of accessing medicines in the Covid Age

Wednesday 30 September

Visit to Kew Gardens - cancelled

Wednesday 7 October

Business Tea-Time event on Zoom at 6pm - History of St Vedast Reverend Paul Kennedy and archivist Norman James

Wednesday 28 October

Business Tea-Time event on Zoom at 4pm - Emmeline Winterbotham and Friends Thomas Becket; his connection with the Ward of Cheap, history and planned pageant for 18/19 June 2021 in Guildhall Yard

Wednesday 11 November

Members' Lunch Butchers Hall - cancelled

Saturday 14 November

Lord Mayor’s Show - cancelled

Monday 23 November

London Chamber Orchestra in Barts Great Hall - cancelled

Wednesday 25 November

4pm Recital (pre-recorded) via Zoom by CMF Artist Giacomo Susani (classical guitarist) for link to view see Gallery

Tuesday 1 December

11.30am Advent Carol Service from St-Vedast-alias-Foster Church via Zoom (pre-recorded) - for link to view see Gallery

Wednesday 20 January 2021

4pm 'City Bids and Partnerships' talk by Zoom by Cheapside Business Alliance

Monday 25 January 2021

AGM & Installation by Zoom 5pm