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The Ward of Cheap Club exists to support the Lord Mayor, Alderman, and Common Councilmen in their duties. As part of this mission, we have launched the Voices of the Ward initiative, where we engage with business leaders within the Ward to share their experiences and insights. This initiative aims to highlight the rich history and commercial significance of the Ward of Cheap, home to various businesses, from startups to small and large enterprises.

In our Voices of the Ward series, we invite CEOs and Founders from various sectors to discuss what makes the Ward of Cheap and the City of London an exceptional place to conduct business. Mark Magnacca, the President of the Ward of Cheap Club for 2024, hosts each episode of the Voices of the Ward interview. These interviews delve into innovation, leadership, infrastructure, and the business community. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire and inform other business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs of the unique advantages of being part of the Ward of Cheap in the City of London.

Paul Stockton

Chief Executive Officer at Rathbones Group

In our first Voices of the Ward interview, we sit down with Paul Stockton, Chief Executive Officer at Rathbones Group. He shares the importance of the City’s unique blend of cultures, opportunities, and dynamic business environment. Paul highlights the importance of personal connections in business and the value of the City’s vibrant environment. He discusses the importance of the Ward of Cheap as an excellent hub for networking and business growth, and he encourages others to visit and engage personally with the community.